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Organic Liquid Fertilizer

• ZINC (Zn) 10.5% w/w
• ORGANIC MATTER 0.16% w/w
• C/N 0,31
• pH 3,6
• ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY 345 mS/cm [Liquid extract (1‰)]


BASIC PROPERTIES: The Liquid Fertilizer THEOZINC supplies the plants with Zinc through foliar application or irrigation.

The element forms easily a tetrahedral complex and zinc is in this way the metal component of a number of enzymes. The plant obtains a number of zinc containing enzymes, including alcohol dehydrogenase in the meristem zone of the plant. In Super Oxide Dismutase, Zn is complexed with Cu by means of a nitrogen atom from histidine. Zinc is very important for protein synthesis in the chloroplast and cytoplasm.

Deficiency of zinc results in a considerable reduction of protein synthesis, IAA synthesis, activity of RNA polymerase, disintegration of ribosomes and accumulation of protein precursors, like amino acids and amides.

It should not be combined with calcium-based compounds

Foliar application at 100-150cc/100L water/0.1ha
Application via irrigation systems at 0.5-1 L /0.1ha

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