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Organic liquid fertilizer Nitrogen

• 17% Nitrogen
• 3,2% Organic matter
• Amino acids, sugars
• Improve fruit setting
• Improve fruit size
• Reduce electrical conductivity in soil
• Does not promote apical stem elongation


BASIC PROPERTIES: The Liquid Fertilizer THEORUN supplies the plants with nitrogen, amino acids and organic matter through foliar application or/and in soil via the irrigation system.

Nitrogen is the main macro-element supplied in most crops, due to its multi functional role and constituent of the proteins, chlorophyll, growth regulators (hormones), enzymes, vitamins, which are all necessary for plant growth and development. Nitrogen metabolism in plants is the main factor of foliage growth and new shoot proliferation.

It has been also observed to enhance fruit setting during blooming, fruit size, reduces the electrical conductivity in soil (application via the irrigation system), increases the amounts of oils in olives when applied four weeks before harvest. Improves fruit setting, increases the size of flowers and therefore attracts honeybees. In comparison with other nitrogen fertilizers, THEORUN does not induce apical stem elongation.

Foliar application 300-500cc/100L water/0.1ha. Application via irrigation systems at 1-2 L /0.1ha

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