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Organic Liquid Fertilizer / Plant growth enhancer

• 4,4% Organic matter
• Plant extracts
• Resistance to UV radiation
• Improve fruit epidermis
• Improve root system


BASIC PROPERTIES: The liquid Organic II THEOFAST is an exceptional supplement for plants by enhancing and strengthening Plant Growth. The Organic II THEOFAST supplies the soil and the plants (recommended by foliar spray) with organic matter instantaneously, via a slow release procedure. It has been shown that the organic complex of THEOFAST increases the absorption of nutrient elements from soil, which are necessary for the plants. THEOFAST strengthens the root system and the ability of ion-exchange. It is observed that THEOFAST provides resistance as to sunburns and UV-radiation as in shade, making the epidermis of leaves and fruits more resistant. It increases fruit-sizing (in olives, grapes etc), when it is applied after fruit setting, at the “shining” stage.

Foliar application: at 200cc/100L water/0.1ha. Application via irrigation systems at 1 L/0.1 ha

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