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Plant growth enhancer

• 5,4% Organic matter
• Plant extract
• Improve root system
• Increase the absorption of nutrients from soil


BASIC PROPERTIES: The organic liquid fertilizer THEOMASS is an exceptional supplement for plants by enhancing and strengthening Plant Growth. THEOMASS supplies the plants and the soil with organic matter instantaneously, via a slow release procedure. It has been shown that the organic complex of THEOMASS increases the absorption of nutrient macro-microelements from soil, which are necessary for the plants.

Increases the root surface and activates the cells of root hairs for the absorbance of nutrients. THEOMASS strengthens the root system of plants and the ability of ion-exchange. Application in soil induces the development of a new root system, high absorbance of macro-microelements and rapid translocation of nutrients upward to the sides of plants without apical shoot meristem elongation.

It has been constantly observed during the stage of maximum yield, THEOMASS helps the plants to overcome the stress caused by the high force for maximum production. At the same time, THEOMASS speeds up the next activities of the plant, like the development of new inflorescences, fruit setting and growth, for the next stage of crop production.

Application via irrigation systems at 1 L/0.1 ha

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