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Organic liquid fertilizer Copper

• 1,4% Copper (Cu)
• 3,5% Organic matter
• 12% Nitrogen
• 2,5% Potassium
• Amino acid, sugars
• Plant extracts
• Strengthens plant against low temperatures
• systemic absorption of Cu++ from the plant
• Increase chlorophyll content


BASIC PROPERTIES: THEOCOPPER is an organic liquid fertilizer for plants, where in combination with pesticides results in an enhanced activity against fungi (Powdery mildew, Exoascus sp., Fusarium sp., root rots, seedling blight, etc) and bacteria.

It provides nitrogen and potassium to the plants, as well as copper, acting systemically into the xylem and phloem showing enhanced absorbance to this particular copper-complex molecule of THEOCOPPER. Within the cell, copper is mostly part of enzyme complexes and important in redox reactions executed by these enzymes, resulting in the enhanced production of lignin. Deficiency of copper results immediately in decrease of the activity of many copper biochemical reactions in cell walls, synthesis of proteins, photosynthesis, cell elongation, respiration, decrease of root and leaf growth and changes the structure of chloroplasts.

THEOCOPPER promotes uniformity in bud-breaking, when applied 15-25 days before the regular time of bud-breaking and also strengthens plants against low temperatures (at least 3°C compared to control).

It can be combined with calcium-based compounds

Foliar application at 300-500cc/100L water/0.1ha.

Application via irrigation systems at 1-2 L /0.1ha.

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