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Organic liquid fertilizer Boron

• 8% Boron
• 2,9% Organic matter
• Vitamins, sugars
• Improve fruit setting
• Blossom uniformity
• Fruit uniformity


BASIC PROPERTIES: The Liquid Fertilizer THEOBORO supplies the plants with boron through foliar application or via root irrigation.

Boron is another microelement necessary for the growth of plants and its need is the least understood. On the cell membranes, it is mainly present as a borate ester, possibly indicating the cis-diol borate complexes.

The formation of these complexes might influence the activity of membrane-bound enzymes involved in the lignification of the cell wall and differentiation of the xylem.

It is assumed that boron has a regulating role in the synthesis of the cell wall, as well as in the stabilization of constituents of the cell wall and cell membranes. Deficiency of boron results immediately in inhibition of the length growth of primary and secondary roots.

Furthermore, boron participates in the regulation of the phenol metabolism and the synthesis of lignins by forming a stable borate ester between boric acids and phenolic acids. It is also observed to enhance fruit setting and increases the uniformity of size of the fruits.

Foliar application: Lettuce/Salads at 20-30cc /100L water/0.1ha, Apple, Pear, Mandarin, Cucurbits at 50cc /100L water/0.1ha,

Olive, Grapes, Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant at 100cc /100L water/0.1ha

Application via irrigation systems at 150-500ml /0.1ha

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