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Organic Liquid Fertilizer

• 30% w/w Calcium (Ca)
• 35% Organic matter
• pH 7, 1 (Neutral)
• 100% Soluble in water
• Can be combined with  THEOCOPPER


BASIC PROPERTIES:  THEOCAL is an organic Calcium form of fertilizer that is essential element for plants. In comparison with other macronutrients, calcium is largely bound to the cell walls and cell membranes.

This unique distribution is caused by the large number of Ca++ binding sites on the cell wall and the limited mobility of Calcium through the membrane into the cytoplasm. Calcium also activates some enzymes like amylase, ATPases and calmodulin, which assumed to play an important role in the transport of Ca++ to vacuoles. Calcium is necessary for the cation-anion balance by counteracting organic and inorganic anions. Calcium is important in cell and root multiplication and in the development of pollen tube.

A severe Calcium deficiency causes total disintegration of the cell wall membranes. Calcium stabilizes the membranes by interactions with phosphates, carboxylate groups of phospholipids and proteins present in the membranes.

Therefore, the presence and supply of calcium in crops is undoubtedly very important for the resistance of plants against fungal and bacterial infections.

Foliar application: Lettuce/Salads at 20-30gr/100L water/0.1ha, Apple, Pear, Mandarin, Cucurbits at 50gr/100L water/0.1ha,

Olive, Grapes, Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant at 100gr/100L water/0.1ha

Application via irrigation systems at 0.5-1 kg /0.1ha

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