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Organic liquid fertilizer / Plant Growth enhancer

  • 4,4% Organic matter
  • Electrical Conductivity 100 μS/cm [Liquid extract (1‰)]
  • pH 10,4


BASIC PROPERTIES: The liquid organic plant growth enhancer THEOSIL supplies the plants and their soil with organic matter directly and for a long time. The organic content helps in the absorption of macro-micronutrients, which are essential for plants. It strengthens the root system and the alternative capacity of the roots. Theosil strengthens the root system of plants and enhances high absorption of macro-microelements and their fast transfer to the aboveground part of the plant.

Foliar application: at 100-300cc/100L water/0.1ha.

Application via irrigation systems at 1-2 L/0.1 ha

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