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Liquid Organic Fertilizer / Plant Growth Enhancer

• 17,4% Organic Matter
• pH 3,7
• Electrical Conductivity 92 μS/cm [Liquid extract (1‰)]
• 100% Soluble in water


The Liquid fertilizer THEOVITA supplies the soil and plants with nitrogen, Vitamins of B-Complex and organic matter through irrigation instantaneously, via a slow release procedure. Due to the B-Complex content of THEOVITA is used to recover plants under stress, especially during transplanting;

moreover, THEOVITA provides a very good and healthy root system for plants. The organic complex of THEOVITA increases the absorption of nutrient elements and the ability of ion-exchange, which are necessary for the plants.

It is also observed that THEOVITA provides an early 7-10 days maturation of fruits and plants produce more ethylene, when is applied through irrigation systems at 1-2 L /0.1ha.

In general, small plants are developing vigorously and mature plants produce more sugars, resulting in a better appearance and colour of fruits (small fruits enlarge their size first, increase sugar content second and finally they get better colour and appearance).

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