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Application Protocol of Liquid Fertilizers in Lettuce

1) At the stage of seedlings, foliar application with THEOMIN at 200cc/100L water and then (in turn) with foliar application of THEOSOFT at 200cc/100L water, every week.

* The above applications could be performed preventative during the whole period of cultivation.

THEOMIN can be combined with Signum (Basf) for fungal control.

2) Application with FOSETHYL-AL for the control of the water mould Peronospora sp.

3) At the 1⁄3 of plant growth, foliar application with THEOHEALTH 500cc/100L

water, THEOBORO 20-30cc/100 L water, THEOCAL 20-30gr/100 L water and 200gr/100L water of a soluble crystal fertilizer type [(9-15-27) + 2Mg].

* The application above can be applied until 5 days before harvesting.

* The application above increases the weight, volume and postharvest resistance of lettuce and it is also results in the creation of an intensive dark green colour of leaves.

* In case it is observed infection caused by caterpillars (larva), it is recommended the addition of an appropriate insecticide.


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