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Organic liquid fertilizer of Iron

• IRON (Fe) 5% w/w
• Na 0.02% w/w
• C/N 17.5
• pH 1,4
• ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY 300 mS/cm [Liquid extract (1‰)]


BASIC PROPERTIES: The Liquid Fertilizer THEOFERO supplies the soil and the plants with Iron and organic matter through foliar application or root irrigation instantaneously. In plants iron is mainly bound to chelators and complex compounds. Iron participates in many biochemical reactions of the cells, like the reversible oxidation system, iron-porphyrin complex of cytochromes, the electron transporting chain in chloroplasts and mitochondria, in the nitrogen assimilation, photorespiration, glycolysis, the dismutation of hydrogen peroxide, polymerization of phenols to lignins. Iron deficiency in the roots is manifested by morphological changes.

The elongation of the roots decreases, while the diameter and amount of root hairs increase. In green leaves 80% of the iron is located in the chloroplasts.

No application during blooming period.
It should not be combined with calcium-based compounds.

Foliar application at 300-500cc/100L water/0.1ha.
Application via irrigation systems at 0.5-1 L /0.1ha.

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