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Organic liquid Fertsilizer / Plant growth enhancer

• Organic matter 3,6 w/w (Plant extracts)
• pH 6,6
• Electrical Conductivity 27 μS/cm [Liquid extract (1‰)]
• 100% Soluble in water


BASIC PROPERTIES: The liquid Organic THEOFEND is an organic liquid Growth Enhancer for plants. It is composed with plant organic extracts, which supplies the soil and the plants with organic matter instantaneously, via a slow release procedure. The organic-complex composition of THEOFEND provides an excellent absorption of macro-micro nutrients, which are essential for plants.

It strengthens the root system and ion-exchange in the rhizosphere of plants.

Application with THEOFEND induces a very rich root system, increased absorption and transfer of nutrient-ions systemically and homogenously from rhizosphere to the upper parts of the plant.

Application via irrigation systems at 1.5-2L /0.1ha

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